Market day at Villa Petit Paradis Kinderopvang

So on Monday Juffies shared a link with my on Facebook for a childs daycare that was having a “activity day” on the weekend. They also had a few market stands available and someone had dropped out so they had a space to fill. So in my terrible Dutch I replied all excited to see if I could go and was supper happy when they said yes!! I danced around for the rest of Monday afternoon, until it sunk in that I needed to refresh my stock contents still after the April market *gulp*

So I sewed like crazy all week, made some lovely new items and got there Saturday to have the market.


The day was great, the place is amazing! I haven’t seen anything like it before, there were chickens and rabbits, and an amazing outside playing area, very natural  They had plays on, and a “Expedition Robinson” area where the kids were learning to make bows and start fires.

So overal a great day, thank you Villa Petit Paradis Kinderopvang for letting me come!!

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