Tooth Clock

Last week I showed you the bag my friend made with my help, well she had another request for us to work on, a tooth clock.

What is a tooth clock? Well its just that, a clock that is shaped like a tooth. So I prepared the pattern (which took at least 10 testers before we were happy with it) and then using that pattern we sewed up the 3D tooth plush together, and then added the clock motor inside it.

tooth plush clock

I loved how it came out, it was very much a trial and error process as I struggled to find any examples of 3d plush teeth. In the future I may release this pattern to sew a 3d tooth plush, but properly not till next year.


  1. Dear creator of Handmade Cuddles:
    I absolutely adore this tooth clock! My friend is getting her wisdom teeth out soon and she wants me to make her a tooth plush. I’m definitely worried about this one because I cannot find any designs that actually look like an actual tooth! Yours however, looks exactly like what I’m looking for. Is it at all possible that I could get the template for your tooth? I completely understand if you would not like to share the template because it is a very unique design!
    Thank you so much for taking the time to read my comment!

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