Diezijn Leuk Markt November 2013

Last weekend was the Diezijn Leuk markt in Groningen. I have been attending at the market for the last two years, and it is always a great day, regardless of the weather!

diezijn leuk november

Was a lovely day, with lots of visitors, including some English speaking ones! (It is always a relief to have an English speaking customer, but my Dutch is getting better too).

I got lots of lovely comments about my Christmas tree, it was definitely worth getting it shipped from the UK (seems Dutch don’t start selling trees until November). And again it amazes me how I fill a 4 meter stand from what I can carry on my bike! (see below my bike all loaded up)


So thank you to everyone who came to visit me! And to everyone who came to the market in general, makes it such a great day!

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