Diezijn Leuk

Last week I was on the Diezijn Leuk handmade market in Groningen. This was the 8th time I was on the market, and the 10th time the market had been held. So it was a special one.

diezijn leuk

As usual we were very lucky with the weather, a mild day, with no rain and a bit of sunshine towards the end, everything you hope for with an outdoors market in April.

This year the market was on a Monday because of Easter, but it meant there were lots of visitors, including many from Germany, so I was thankful that my husband speaks some German (at least enough to say prices etc).

On one side of the stand I had all my handmade products, and the other all my craft supplies.

diezijn leuk

And it was nice to be visited by some people who had been to my stand at past markets and shared stories and pictures of some of the things they had made with the craft supplies I sell.

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