Bye Bye

At the start of 2016 I gave birth to my lovely baby girl. It is true what they say that you don’t understand the full depths of a mothers love until you become one yourself.

My maternity leave is now coming to an end, and while I am excited to get back to designing and creating, I will be doing it part time so that I can take care of my daughter. With those changes I have restructured my work into a better balance, combining my graphic design work from Toastie Studio with my handmade creations from Handmade Cuddles. With the merge I am re-branding under the name ‘Lieve Designs‘.


I am closing this blog, so no new posts or tutorials, but leaving my old content online so you can still view my old tutorials etc. And you are welcome to come join me at my new blog on Lieve Designs where I will be posting more design news, including free printables and tutorials.

Look forward to the future with you all!

Stephanie, Handmade Cuddles

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